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Properties and characteristics of forsterite powder (coating)


With the continuous development and application of casting process, coating technology plays a more and more important role in the whole casting process. The paint can improve the strength and rigidity of the foam pattern, prevent the mold from damaging or deforming when the sand is vibrating, prevent the metal liquid from infiltrating into the sand or casting, and ensure the smooth surface of the casting.

The coating performance and cost directly affect the quality of castings and the economic benefits of products. A more reasonable preparation method is selected, and the effect is very ideal.

High manganese steel belongs to alkaline liquid metal, so it is necessary to prepare highly alkaline coatings, and forsterite coatings meet the needs of high manganese steel casting.

Properties and characteristics of forsterite powder (coating)

1. As a coating, magnesia peridotite powder has excellent properties, such as good thixotropy, suitable yield value, high suspension rate, easy coating, high coating strength, no cracking in high temperature explosion heat, strong sand adhesion resistance, smooth casting surface, self stripping of coating sintered shell, etc.

2. Forsterite coating is flaky and massive, and the casting is smooth and shiny, which can produce accurate and high surface quality castings.

3. When 30% forsterite powder is added into magnesia coating, the performance of the coating is much better than that of magnesia powder alone.


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