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Explain the difference between light burned magnesia and active magnesia?


Light burned magnesium oxide: scientific name: magnesium oxide. Wholesale of calcined magnesia

Its density is 2.94 and it is light yellow or white powder. Its melting point is 2852 ℃ and its boiling point is as high as 3600 ℃. It can be dissolved in acids and ammonium salts, but it is difficult to dissolve in water and ethanol. Deliquescent easily in the air. It belongs to pneumatic cementitious material.

Active magnesium oxide, molecular formula MgO

Its relative molecular weight is 40.30. Its chemical composition, physical form and other indexes are not much different from ordinary magnesium oxide, but some indexes of active magnesium oxide are different from ordinary magnesium oxide; If appropriate particle size distribution is required, average particle size: < 2 & micro; m(2000nm); The microscopic morphology is irregular particles or nearly spherical particles or flake crystals; The activity expressed by citric acid (CAA value) is 12 ~ 25s (the smaller the value, the higher the activity); The activity expressed by iodine absorption value is 80 ~ 120 (mgi2 / 100gmgo); The specific surface is between 5 ~ 20m3 / g and the apparent specific volume is between 6 ~ 8.5ml/g. In addition, due to its high activity and easy water absorption, it sometimes needs chemical treatment for protection. In some aspects, it shows special properties that conventional materials do not have, so it is widely used as a new material.

Calcined magnesia


Active magnesium oxide is an important raw material for preparing high-functional fine inorganic materials, electronic components, inks and harmful gas adsorbents. It is expected to be developed into cutting-edge materials under harsh conditions such as high temperature and high corrosion. It can also be used as filler for paint, paper and cosmetics, filler and reinforcement for plastics and rubber, and auxiliary materials for various electronic materials. Light burned magnesia is a kind of light burned magnesia obtained by calcining natural magnesite, brucite and magnesium hydroxide Mg (OH) 2 extracted from seawater or brine at 700 ~ 1000 ℃.

Light burned magnesium oxide

The price of light burned magnesium powder is used in the production of magnesium sulfate, magnesium nitrate and magnesium hydroxide in the chemical industry, in the preparation of antacid and laxative in the pharmaceutical industry, in the food processing industry, it is mainly used as decolorizing agent, and in the glass magnesium building materials industry, as the main raw material of glass magnesium materials, it is mainly used in the production of glass magnesium products, When lightly burned magnesium oxide is mixed with magnesium chloride or magnesium sulfate aqueous solution in a certain proportion, it can be cemented and hardened into a hardened body with certain physical and mechanical properties, so it is called magnesium cement. As a new type of cement, magnesium cement has the advantages of light weight, high strength, fire prevention and heat insulation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and can be widely used in building materials, municipal engineering, agriculture, machinery and other fields, such as decorative panels, Partition board, sanitary ware, ceiling, floor tile, ventilation duct, sewage well cover, fireproof doors and windows, fireproof board, artificial stone, imitation wood products, roof materials, handicrafts and abrasive molds, stoves, fireworks fixing agent, etc.

At present, there are two main aspects in the competition of enterprises with light burned magnesium ball and binder for light burned magnesium powder in China, one is the competition of domestic enterprises, and the other is facing international competition. In the current poor economic situation, the development prospect of large enterprises is good, while small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the risk of acquisition or merger.

At present, in order to win in the market competition and not be eliminated, the manufacturers of light burned magnesium ball and binder for light burned magnesium powder must try their best to give full play to their advantages, improve the technical level and reduce the production cost

At present, most of the light burned magnesia is produced by calcining 20 ~ 100mm magnesite at 700 ~ 1200 ℃. Due to the different decomposition rate of MgCO3 and the development state of MgO, the activity will also be different. Its activity lies in the content of active magnesium oxide in lightly burned magnesium oxide, and its physical adsorption and chemical reactivity depend on it. For this reason, whether its activity can be accurately measured directly affects the production and application of lightly burned magnesia in practice.

Wholesale of light burned magnesium powder


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