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Forsterite (Mg2 [SiO4]) is similar to olivine in nature. The color can be colorless or white, light yellow and light green. With the increase of Fe2 + content in the composition, the color deepens to dark green or black, glassy luster, transparent to translucent. Hardness 6.5-7. The relative density increased with the increase of Fe2 + content (3.27-4.37). The crystal is columnar or thick plate.

Forsterite mainly occurs in contact metamorphic or regional metamorphic impure dolomitic marble and magnesium skarn. It is not only the main component of mantle rocks, but also the main component of meteorites, but also an important mineral of magnesium skarn. Forsterite is a SiO2 unsaturated mineral.

Forsterite is easily altered by hydrothermal and weathering, and the common mineral is serpentine. Most of the forsterite seen in the field has been serpentinized, which is called residual crystal or illusion.

Main producing areas in China: Yichang City, Hubei Province, Nanyang City, Henan Province and Shangnan County, Shaanxi Province.

Magnesium rich olivine as a refractory:

A. Making magnesite olivine brick, used in ladle and glass furnace.

B. As the main raw material of filling material for electric furnace outlet.

C. Ramming materials for soaking pit hearth.


As casting sand materials: forsterite and sand are excellent molding materials used in the production of steel castings, especially manganese steel castings in advanced countries in the world. They have the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good chemical stability. The sand has high fire resistance (1710 ℃) and resistance to metal oxidation and corrosion, can effectively prevent chemical sand sticking of castings, and ensure smooth casting surface and clear casting contour. The sand expands slowly at all temperatures, less than deformation, and has no characteristics of sudden expansion. The casting is not easy to produce main sand inclusion defects.


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