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Detailed introduction


Olivine (mineral)

Olivine, the most important rock-forming mineral in the upper mantle, is a silicate of magnesium and iron. The main component is iron or magnesium, and it also contains elements such as manganese, nickel, and cobalt. The crystals are granular and are dispersed particles or granular aggregates in the rock. Belongs to island silicate. Olivine metamorphism can form serpentine or magnesite, which can be used as a refractory material.

Gem-grade olivine is mainly divided into strong yellow-green peridot, golden-green peridot, yellow-green peridot, strong green peridot (also called evening emerald or western emerald, evening primrose emerald) and sky gemstone (produced in Very rare among meteorites). High-quality peridot is transparent olive-green or yellow-green, and its clear and beautiful color is very pleasing to the eye, symbolizing peace, happiness, tranquility and other good wishes. In ancient times, wars between some tribes often expressed peace by giving each other olivine. In some temples in Jerusalem, there are still peridotes that were inlaid thousands of years ago.

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